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The One With The Baby Onboard
The One With The Baby Onboard
The One With The Baby Onboard

The One With The Baby Onboard

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We know this collection will be a new parents dream. Our focus is on high quality and natural products, all while keeping the colours calm and gender neutral. 

Essentials For New Parents:
  • Black Leather Hedgehug Shoes (3-6mo) | Montréal 
  • Delicate Body & Hair Soap 
  • Moisturizing Baby Lotion with Olive Oil
  • Sleep Pillow Mist
  • Olive Oil Diaper Rash Cream
  • Natural Baby Powder
  • Organic Bamboo & Cotton Washcloth (x5)
  • Glass Olive Oil Hand Cream & Soap Set
  • Muslin Bandana Bib Set
  • Sage Silicone Suction Bowl & Spoon Set
  • Sage Silicone Suction Divider Plate & Training Spoon

  • Baby Book 

  • Crib Sheet
  • Padded White Play Mat
  • Card - provide note at checkout.
  • Large Woven Basket 
*Made with extremely gentle ingredients from plant sources suitable for sensitive skin. 100% natural and antimicrobial preservative. Completely biodegradable. Made without alcohol or phthalates, IFRA certified.

Please note due to current demand components may be subject to substitution for equal or greater value.