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About Us

The Curator's Shop

The Curator's Shop was founded by Leah Mackie and Jodie Lee, whose intention was to create an online shop to share lifestyle products that would elevate and enhance everyday life.  

By carefully curating these individual products together, each item became part of a boxed collection.  The Curator's Shop is now a place that people can find unique and high quality lifestyle boxes that are beautifully assembled and delivered.

Jodie and Leah

They first met 9 years ago working in the special events industry. Leah and Jodie always knew they wanted to become work-wives, again.  Opening a business together was only a matter of time.  Leahs quick witted and determined personality paired with Jodies attention for detail and her love for the beautiful things made them the perfect pair.  


Thank you for being a part of The Curator's Shop community and following along!