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The One For The Pizzaiolo
The One For The Pizzaiolo
The One For The Pizzaiolo
The One For The Pizzaiolo
The One For The Pizzaiolo
The One For The Pizzaiolo
The One For The Pizzaiolo

The One For The Pizzaiolo

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Pizza Night neapolitan pizza
Pizza Night at Home
This is your pizzaiolo starter kit.
Make your pie on a traditional pizza stone or get outside and grill it on the BBQ. Don't want to stray that far? No problem, pop it in oven! You really can't go wrong.
The dough only requires water - so all you have to do is secure your toppings and your basically Italian. Prego...or "you're welcome" if you're not fluent in Italian, as you have not yet made this pizza. You'll get there.


Walnut Wooden Pizza Board

Handmade Walnut Serving Board
 We had this walnut wooden serving board made just for this collection. An elevated way to serve pizza, charcuterie or simply displaying kitchen counter-top essentials. 
Size: 11" | Made in Cambridge, ON

neapolitan style pizza

Neapolitan Style Pizza Dough
As close as you're going to get to Italy this pandemic. An impeccable blend of flour and yeast for creating Italy’s most famous pizza. Package makes TWO 14" Neapolitan Style crusts.

Pizza Sauce

Urban Slicer Pizza Sauce | x 2
There may be a better sauce out there, but in order to find it, you'll need to fly to Sicily.

Candy Olives
Pimento Olives 

These deluxe almonds dipped in a creamy chocolate coating are an essential dinner prep snack - or save for dessert, if you have the willpower! :) 

Wooden spoon
Kuni Olive Wood Spoon
The perfect for distributing the sauce! Also pairs wonderfully with the cheese board for serving nuts or preserves. Ethically made and beautifully presented. 
 Size: 8.25" |  Nairobe, Kenya
Ten and Co.
Tea Towel & Sponge Cloth Set
Ten & Co. designs products that are both beautiful and functional - perfect to serve the pizza....and clean up after the pizza. Screen printed in Sweden with water based dyes and designed in Toronto, Canada.
A Modern, Sophisticated Alternative to the Standard Paper Napkin. Soft Printed Organic Textures With a Smooth Brushed Finish Gives a Luxurious Fabric Feel.
Ultra Luxury Pulp Paper Napkins | Paprika 
Napkins always come in handy, you can never have enough! 
These paper napkins are next level luxury, they're tear-resistant, durable, absorbent and feature soft printed organic textures. The variety, feel, and style of these napkins make them the best choice for those looking to elevate their dining experience for guests. Linen napkins without having to do a load of laundry!
Set of 21 (1 sample, 20 sealed)

Metal Tin
Ribbed Metal Container 

Gift Tag
TCS Gift Tag 
The gift tag is offered with a handwritten note.  If you are purchasing this box for someone else (lucky them!) please leave your personal message at checkout. 
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