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The One Who Burns Brightly
The One Who Burns Brightly
The One Who Burns Brightly
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The One Who Burns Brightly

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Burn Brightly Match Bottle
Burn Brightly Matches

On dark winter days we could all use a little light. This large match bottle features a matte gold “Burn Brightly” screen-print against the backdrop of all-black matches. Let this sentiment motivate you every time you light a candle or fire up the fireplace, and remind you to live every day to the fullest. 6˝  high x 3˝  wide

Sloane Signature Black Tea

Sloan Fine Tea - Signature Black Caddy
A signature blend of a spring Darjeeling and bodied Assam tea that will delight with its fresh, full richness and refined finish. This tin is filled with 100 grams whole leaf loose leaf tea, sealed tight with an airtight plug and lid.Indian black tea 100 grams. Savour straight, iced or complement with a touch of dairy

 Holiday Candle

Lucia 55hr Candle | Douglas Pine
Lucia Les Saisons No 25 is a fresh pine and sap aromatic candle with notes of freshly cut wooden logs and forest interior. 
Organic Soy Candle. | Made in Quebec.

Pin Douglas Tea Light 

Lucia Votive Candle | Douglas Pine
Infuse your room with the scents of the snowy forests in the north: a mix of pine needles, sweet undergrowth and the scent of new, green buds. We included a mini version for your bathroom or night stand - fa la la all throughout the house! 

Organic Soy Candle. | Made in Quebec.

Lucia Hand Cream | Douglas Pine
Hand Cream blended with pure essential oil of Douglas Pine and enriched with soothing organic shea butter. Leaving your hands feeling soft and protected. Enjoy the holiday season and the scent of the fresh Canadian forests. 100ml

Holiday Handsoap

Lucia Hand Soap | Douglas Pine 
A bouquet of pinewood, sweet undergrowth, needles and resin create a pleasant mix of fragrances when rubbed between fingers and palms. The essence of Douglas pine originating from the forests of North America, engages with antiseptic properties as well as Vitamin E and shea butter to remove impurities while softening the skin. Pure essential oils and paraben free. 270ml


Joy Holiday Ornament

Joy Brass Ornament 
This beautiful decor piece is made from mango wood and brass. We hope it brings joy into your home. 


Hunter Green Magnetic Gift Box With Gift Tag & Ribbon
We just love these gift boxes, from the sleek 'envelope' design to the beautiful matte finish - it embodies the art of gifting!  The concealed magnetic closure keeps the lid closed even after repeated usage.
Size: 16.9"x11"x3.5"